Step into the world of vintage treasures! Find out what I uncovered on a vintage weekend antiquing in Coastal Maine, from blue teacups to colorful paintbrushes.

My Vintage Weekend

My first stop on this vintage weekend retreat antiquing was at The Cottage by the Brook as I made my way to our home in Maine.

Unfortunately, this shop has since closed. It was one of my absolute favorites, and I’m going to miss it dearly as I drive by this space during my monthly jaunts.

Vintage Weekend Finds

Blue and White Teacups

I found this basket full of blue and white teacups and saucers for $2 apiece, and the basket was free!

There was also the most adorable bundle of thin paintbrushes for $5. I really liked the way they looked, packaged together with an assortment of spring colors.

Blue and White Teacups in a Basket

And here are the blue and white teacups and saucers, all decorated on our coffee table in the living room in Maine.

I am also considering creating a small wreath with these teacups during this vintage weekend trip, so stay tuned for more about these blue and white treasures.

Blue and White tea cups, saucers and paintbrushes in a basket on coffee table during a vintage weekend.

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A Blue Stoneware Pitcher

Next, I grabbed this blue stone pitcher when I saw it was selling for just $19.

I’ve recently started collecting blue stoneware pitchers like this one, which are usually marked at around $70 or more.

So this one was a great deal!

Vintage weekend Blue Stone Pitcher

It looks so inviting on the bedside table in our guest bedroom, where it is paired with a bouquet of floppy tulips while we visit on this vintage weekend retreat.

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Guest Bedroom with blue pitcher and tulips on a vintage weekend retreat.

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A Vintage Weekend Crewel Rug

Just look at this Crewel rug draped over this old crate. The colors are so beautiful and it was selling for just $110.

What is a Crewel Rug?

A crewel rug is an embroidered rug traditionally made using a technique called crewel work. Crewelwork involves stitching wool yarn on a sturdy fabric, usually linen or cotton. The designs on crewel rugs often feature intricate floral patterns or other decorative motifs. The wool yarn used in crewelwork gives the rug a textured and raised appearance. Crewel rugs are known for their elegance and are often used as decorative pieces in homes.

Vintage Cruel Rug Found on a Vintage Weekend thrifting

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This crewel rug is currently in our dining room. Once I have it dry-cleaned, I may move it to one of our attic bedrooms. It has the soft look of a beautiful bedroom rug.

A Rustic Basket with Peonies

My next successful stop on this vintage weekend was a visit to Breakaway Designs and Antiques in Wells, Maine.

There, I fell in love with the faux lavender peonies that Paula had been using throughout her shop.

I adored the contrast between the soft lavender and the primitive elements that she was exposing.

So, I brought home the large rusted basket and peonies. I was looking forward to creating a vintage spring centerpiece for our antique coffee table.

I gathered pinecones from our backyard…

Pinecones on the ground in yard.

I filled the basket with medium-sized pinecones that I had gathered.

Then I placed 4 bundles of the lavender peonies among the basket of pinecones.

It was super easy, and the coffee table centerpiece now really makes a beautiful statement on my vintage weekend home.

A Very Vintage Weekend

The Color Purple on a Vintage Weekend

If you like dark antique furniture pieces, try adding the color purple to your pieces.

I can’t wait for the lilac season to arrive to fill this basket with gorgeous purple lilacs.

You may be inspired by the Decorating with the Color Purple and Bountiful Bouquets of Lilacs posts.

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Vintage Weekend Boston Rocker

When I’m in this area on my vintage weekends, I always make sure to drop by The Fabulous Find in Kittery, Maine.

They are a consignment shop that closes on Tuesdays to receive donations, so Wednesdays are a perfect time to drop by.

And right outside, sitting pretty, was this antique Boston Rocker!

Just look at that fabulous old wood and vintage-style patina!

Vintage Boston Rocker Chair

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What is a Boston Rocker?

The Boston rocker chair, also known as a Boston rocker or simply a rocker, is a type of rocking chair that has a rich history dating back to the 19th century. It is named after the city of Boston, Massachusetts, where it gained popularity.

The Boston rocker was first introduced in the early 19th century and quickly became a popular choice for seating in American homes. Its design features a curved backrest, curved armrests, and curved rockers, providing a comfortable and soothing rocking motion.

The chair was initially made using a combination of traditional woodworking techniques and machine-made components, which made it more affordable and accessible to the middle class. It was often crafted from hardwoods such as maple, oak, or walnut, giving it durability and a classic aesthetic.

Boston rockers were widely produced and distributed throughout the United States, becoming a staple in many households. They were commonly found in parlors, nurseries, and front porches, where people would relax, read, or engage in conversation.

Over time, the design of the Boston rocker evolved, incorporating various styles and embellishments. Some featured intricate carvings or upholstered seats, while others had caned or woven backs for added comfort.

Today, the Boston rocker continues to be cherished for its timeless design and comfortable rocking motion. It is not only a functional piece of furniture but also a symbol of American craftsmanship and heritage. Many antique Boston rockers can still be found in antique stores or passed down through generations, serving as a reminder of their historical significance.

So, I snagged it for $35!

Today, it sits in front of our fireplace at our home here in Maine.

A Boston Rocker really is such a versatile piece and would look fabulous in any room in the home.

You won’t want to miss this Early Buy Event and Vintage Market at Sage Farms Antiques, too!

Have you found any good finds recently? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks so much for joining me on this vintage weekend home in Coastal Maine.

A Vintage Affair

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  1. Ann, this would be such a dream!! I love all your findings! Wish I could come along with you! I’m sharing your post with my followers today in my weekend round up post, From My neck of the Woods so they can see all the fun!

    1. Thank you so much, Kristin! I just shared all your picnic goodies today on the blog too. Happy Sunday!

  2. I’m enjoying my Mother’s Day over a cup of tea and reading your blog. This is my first visit to you . I’m loving every treasure you found!

    1. Betsy you absolutely made my day. Happy Mother’s Day🙏

  3. Absolutely love your new logo! So pretty!

  4. Sandra Thomas says:

    I enjoyed your blog. I love Vintage. The rocker was a great find and I love the pitcher. So glad you had a good time. ❤️

  5. Love the centerpiece of pine cones and peonies. You always bring us beautiful things to admire, Ann! Happy Wednesday!

    1. Thank you so much, Kim that’s just so sweet of you to say and I’m so happy you dropped by!