This month I hit up some great thrifting in both Vermont and Maine. My old standby, The Cottage by the Brook in Vermont did not disappoint. If you are joining me from over at Kristi from French Creek Farmhouse welcome! I love all of Kristi’s amazing vintage finds and how she decorates with them in her home. And that basket with the Eagle!! We were excited to have her join us as a guest host Thrifting with the Gals this past month.

My Favorite Second Hand Table

I have always thought about having a nice wooden table for our farmer’s porch at our home in Vermont. And this is where I spied this second-hand folding table, right in front of the Bargain Barn in all its glory.

Do you think this may be a wallpaper table? It seems a bit wider so I’m just not sure.

What is a wallpaper table? A table to apply paste so that the wallpaper can then be fixed onto the wall. The table needs to be long to accommodate wallpaper, so other tables typically do not work.

Thrifting with the Gals from Vermont to Maine.  The Barn Barn.

I loved this table so much and with the folding legs, it fit perfectly into the back of my SUV.

And then right onto our Vermont porch, where I enjoyed setting the table for breakfast the very next morning.

My favorite second hand table.

Breakfast in the Mountains…

Thrifting Local in Vermont

Next up, I visited one of my local favorites here in Vermont, thrifting The Vintage Soul.

This shop is filled with beautiful vintage collections and is less than a year old. I love this local shop, and it is on my list of favorites from Vermont to Maine!

Although I didn’t find anything to bring home with me today, here are a few things that caught my eye thrifting!

Today, you will find me selling my vintage wares in the window here at The Vintage Soul. See more in the How to Start a Vintage Booth Business post.

Thrifting The Fabulous Find

THIS SHOP is located in Kittery, Maine! I adore it! Donation day is every Tuesday here, so Wednesdays are the day to thrift this whimsical shop in southern Maine. They have everything from clothes, dishware, home goods, furniture, and more. Do not miss this if you are a local friend!

Here I found these lobster denim placemats and vintage linen napkins that I want to use this upcoming week, as a girlfriend of mine visits from Colorado, and we host a few friends for a lobster dinner in our backyard in Maine.

Thrifting with the Gals Maine to Vermont. Placemats and linen napkins.

High on a shelf was this Johnson and Brother’s “Autumn Delight” service for 8. The colors and pattern caught my eye for a fall table setting on our porch in Vermont.

The entire set was selling for $65! I found a similar service set of 12 selling for over $1200 on eBay. I just couldn’t resist it at this price.

Autumn Delight Dishware by Johnson and Brothers.

I brought it back to our home in Vermont and styled it in an antique pine cupboard with a collection of vintage candlesticks in our dining room.

Drop by here to see all about Autumn’s Delight by Johnson Brothers.

Thrifting with the Gals from Vermont to Maine Autumn Delight Dishware in pine cupboard.

Inspiration Always at Breakaway Designs & Antiques

Breakaway Designs & Antiques is another shop on my favorites list. This shop, along with the owners, Paula and Chris, always inspires me so much. And they were getting married the very next day of my visit here:)

Upon walking in I fell in love with her actual “OPEN” sign and she sold it to me for just $30! Ha Ha… Love this place!

She even cleaned up all the chalk markings before taking it home!

Thrifting with the Gals from Vermont to Maine.  Open Chalkboard Sign.

Thinking this bistro chalkboard sign would be so cute on our porch in Vermont next to my favorite second-hand table paired with the Autumn’s Delight dishwares.

“Welcome to the Porch,” it will say.

This chippy frame and rabbit book page, seriously? I couldn’t turn these down either…

Thrifting with the Gals from Vermont to Maine.

And since our porch is under construction right now in Vermont, both the bistro sign and the rabbit frame sit on our dining room table, waiting for their fall debut, too!!

We are also working on designing this backyard fire pit patio and conversation patio to be completed by the fall too.

Thrifting with the Gals from Vermont to Maine.  Bistro Chalkboard and Rabbit frame.

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More Thrifting Goodness

A New Shop and Thrifting, Chincilla’s

I found this “new to me” shop on Google and thought I would give it a try. It was a short drive and was located at a beautiful home in Kittery, Maine.

They have many beautiful things here, and the prices are reasonable. But I think for the first time in a long time, I left here empty-handed, unfortunately.

A Quick and Easy Rainy Day Lobster Table Setting

We have been getting so much rain here in New England this summer! And this week, I had friends here from out of town. I was excited to put all my past thrifted goodies together to create this outdoor lobster table setting.

Thrifting with the Gals from Vermont to Maine.
Thrifting with the Gals from Vermont to Maine.

Check out the 12 Best Vintage Finds of 2021 Countdown here!

I’m so glad you dropped by today, friend, and if you are new to my blog, welcome! I hope you enjoyed your visit with us today at both our homes in Coastal Maine and Vermont this week.

Thrifting with the Gals from Vermont to Maine.

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  1. Ann the thrifting in your area looks amazing and you always seem to find the best stuff. It was so fun thrifting with the gals and being part of the hop, thank you.

  2. Ann you always find the best stuff! I definately want to thrift with you in VT! xo

  3. Marlene Stephenson says:

    Thanks for sharing it’s always fun seeing what you have and how you decorate with them. Have a great weekend.

    1. Thank you so much Marlene for stopping by today💯

  4. You always have the best finds, Ann! That table totally stole my heart…and then the chalkboard, frame, and rabbit print?! You totally scored this month! WOW! I love it all, and it was so much fun to join along with you. Let’s do it again soon! xo, Kristi

    1. Thank you Kristi. You bet and feel better soon ok!😘

  5. Ann,
    I loved your post. I really want to come to Maine! Wonder if driving a uhaul from NC is feasible? Lol.

    1. You are so funny Rachel it may be a bit cumbersome😂